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Princess-Cut Engagement Rings

Princess-cut engagement rings have been popular with ring buyers since the 1960s as the cut creates a lot of sparkle and a lot of stone for the money. About 80% of the rough stone (commonly a diamond) is retained through the princess cut, as opposed to only 50% retained by round brilliant cut diamonds of the same weight. (A princess cut stone may also be referred to as a square modified brilliant.)

When a princess cut diamond is viewed directly through a table it makes a striking, cross-shaped relefection. The face-up shape of the princess cut diamond is square (or rectangular) and the elegant profile view is similar to that of an inverted pyramid.

Famous Princess-Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Penny Lancaster said 'yes' to rock singer, Rod Stewart when he popped the big questions with a classic princess cut diamond set in a platinum band containing smaller diamonds.

Another impressive princess-cut diamond which made the headlines in recent years, was the 10 carat princess cut canary yellow diamond ring presented by soul singer, Seal to model Heidi Klum. (These singers are definitely getting something right!)

Popular Princess Cut Engagement Ring Designs

Princess Cut Diamond in Contemporary Setting This princess cut diamond has been positioned in a low setting, which points the diamond up and down the finger. A very contemporary design.

Princess Ring (Multi-Stone)

A beautiful band of diamonds which is practical as well as beautiful, as it is less likely to snag on clothing than other designs.

Budget Friendy Princess Cut Design

You can choose a ring design which showcases the entire side of the diamond, no matter what its size - the result is rather breathtaking.

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Princess Cut Diamond in Contemporary Setting
Princess Ring (Multi-Stone)
Budget Friendy Princess Cut Design
Princess Cut Engagement Rings

"Princess cut enagement rings show off large, high quality stones off to their best advantage as a large portion of the original stone is retained. "

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