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Platinum Engagement Rings

Platinum engagement rings are becoming a firm favorite with couples in the 21st century, almost eclipsing the traditional gold as the ring type of choice. Platinum has a fashionable contemporary look and its silver coloring helps to display precious stones at their very best. It is actually rarer than gold, found in only a few areas of the world such as South America, Canada, Zimbabwe and Russia. This rarity adds of course to its romance (and price tag).

Platinum is also considered to be a practical choice for an engagement ring that has to withstand the rigors of every day life and a lifetime of wear. And although it still needs re-polishing from time to time, platinum scratches less than other metals. Finally, for those with an eye on practicality as well as romance, platinum is mixed with less metals than other alloys, so its purity makes it highly suitable for anyone with sensitive skin.

For both men and women, platinum is a popular choice and many men consider the 'toughness' of platinum to give it more suitability as a 'man's ring'. Used in an engagement ring or rings for one or both partners, it is easy to match with platinum wedding ring sets.

Popular Platinum Engagement Ring Styles

If you're looking for an elegant, beautiful and durable metal then platinum is a great choice. Its silver or white metal coloring suits most skintypes and showcases diamonds and other precious gemstones perfectly. It is a popular choice for celebrities as well as royalty - be prepared to pay more for this type of engagement ring, as its relative rarity puts it at the higher end of the budget. View our selection of popular styles below:

Diamond Solitaire Platinum Engagement Ring

Traditional style and modern appeal combine in what many consider to be one of the most elegant and sparkling engagement ring styles, the solitaire diamond set in a platinum band.

Multi-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum

For a ring that truly sparkles no matter where the light catches it, a multi-stone ring in a platinum band will look gorgeous from any angle. Perfect for a special someone who loves to sparkle and shine.

Engagement Rings for Men

Plain platinum rings, or platinum rings with a slight design embellishment make ideal engagement rings for men who want to wear a traditional symbol to celebrate and mark their engagement. A small single diamond is also popular set into men's gold engagement rings, as it adds a little sparkle and interest to the design without appearing too 'feminine'.

More Engagement Rings

View more engagement rings styles below: 

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Platinum Engagement Ring
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Engagement Rings for Men

"Engagement rings with a platinum band and setting are
becoming the favorite engagement ring style for the 21st century. "

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