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Ruby Engagement Rings

Rubies, romance and royalty. What an irresistible combination - and rubies, ruby rings and jewelry have been irresistible to kings, queens, tycoons, soldiers, collectors and adventurers for centuries. These beautiful gemstones vary in color from light to raspberry red, from brown to violet, although most people think of rubies as deep red in color. (The natural ruby is heated to improve the color and its internal 'star').

Set with diamonds, rubies make stunning engagement rings (especially in colored gold settings) and are truly classic pieces of jewelry that make family treaures and heirlooms for future generations no matter what their taste. Some of the most famous, and most fought-over rubies come from Asia including Mynmar (formerly Burma), Thailand, Cambodia, Vietman and Sri Lanka.

Famous Star Rubies

Out of most people's budgets are the increasingly rare star-rubies, so called because they display a six-rayed star which seems to glide magically across the surface of the gem when it is moved. The Rosser Reeves Ruby from Sri Lanka is one of the world's largest and finest star rubies weighing some 138.7 carats (it can now be viewed in the American Museum of Natural History in New York).

Famous Ruby Engagement Rings

When HRH Prince Andrew, Duke of York proposed to Sarah Ferguson in 1986 it was with a distinctively designed ruby enagement ring. It sparked a huge ruby engagement ring trend in the UK, just as HRH Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer's engagement did for sapphire jewelry. It's said that Andrew chose a ruby to match Sarah's fiery red hair - the other British royal to be engaged with a ruby ring was HRH Princess Margaret, whose ruby ring was created in the style of a rose in honor of her middle name.

Popular Ruby Engagement Ring Styles

Luckily, you don't have to royal, regal or rich to buy a ruby engagement ring, with hundreds of styles available. We've picked three of the most romantic and stylish below.

Heart-Cut Ruby Engagement Rings

Classic romance is typified in a heart-shaped ruby ring.

Multi Stone Ruby Engagement Rings

Smaller rubies can look beautiful entwined with diamonds. A perfect blend of the two engagement favorites.

Oval or Square Cut Ruby Engagement Rings

With a high quality ruby, an oval or square cut can make an impact. A striking design perfect for someone who likes their jewelry with a touch of drama.

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Ruby Engagement Ring
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"Ruby engagement rings fit for royalty and anyone who likes to own
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