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De Beers is probably one of the biggest names associated with the diamond mining industry and it was De Beers who almost single-handedly reversed the fortunes of the US diamond market in the early 20th century. Piggy-backing on rising engagement ring sales (which helped to protect or buy young women's virtue and fortunes until marriage), De Beers created a new tradition through clever, creative and widely publicised marketing. The tradition of presenting a diamond engagement ring to propose marriage. Like it or loathe it, diamond engagement rings have become one of the (almost inarguable) prerequisites for a successful betrothal in modern times.

No matter what its roots in big business and questionable morality, this tradition is highly popular - by the middle of the 20th century, it was estimated that 80% of women in the United States had accepted a diamond engagement ring before marrying. Morever, the more equitable Scandinavian tradition of both partners in the affianced couple wearing engagement rings has become increasingly popular in the United States and Europe.

Popular Diamond Engagement Ring Styles

Diamond engagement rings for her, for him or for 'both of us' can be designed in a myriad of ways. We have showcased some of the most popular diamond engagement ring designs below, so you can see what the fuss and fanfare is about. Let's face it - at the end of the day, if he or she is going to say 'yes' to your proposal they'll say it anyway - ring or no ring - but celebrating the moment with a beautiful diamond engagement ring will certainly bring additional sparkle to the occasion.

Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring (Gold)

This beautiful solitaire diamond ring is set in a gold band. This is still one of the most popular engagement ring designs - it combines the ancient tradition of giving precious metal with the newer tradition of giving diamonds with the romance of 'becoming one'.

Multi Stone Diamond Engagement Rings (Platinum)

Multi stone diamond rings became increasingly popular when the price of single carat diamonds increased. They combine economy with beauty and the craftsmanship of the settings can really make these multi-stone rings something extra special.

Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings with Accent Diamonds (White-Gold)

Making the most of diamonds' sparkle, this diamond engagement ring features a white-gold setting with smaller stones set into the band in support of the stunning solitaire centre stone. This style of ring is suited to women who like bold, distinctive jewelry.

More Engagement Rings

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Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring (Gold)
Multi Stone Diamond Engagement Rings (Platinum)
Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings with Accent Diamonds

"The modern tradition of presenting diamond engagement rings and popular
ring designs featuring diamonds in gold, platinum and white-gold settings. "

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