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Custom Designed Engagement Rings

Designing your own engagement ring is a wonderful way to express your love and commitment to the love of your life. It ensures that your ring is as unique as it can be and helps reflect the unique qualities that you and your partner bring to your relationship. On a practical level, it means that your engagement ring will cost exactly what you can afford as you can select the ring metal, the ring size and decide on which gemstone or gemstones you want (be they diamonds, rubies or birthstones). Designing Your Own Engagement Ring

It's actually easier to design your own ring than you may think - you do not need to be an artist or particularly creative type to do it either.

Where to Start

You can show a reputable jeweler a hand-drawn sketch which shows the basic shank (the bit that goes around the finger), setting and stones. You may want to include engraving or a more sculpted band featuring numerals, scrolls, emblems or personal motifs. It's important to remember that a sketch is just that, a sketch. Not the blueprint for the finished design. It is a starting point for you and your jeweler to work from. You should, however, make sure that the final design blueprint the jeweler will use to make your ring is a true depiction of what you want.

Other ways to start designing a custom ring is by showing your jeweler pictures of rings you like from magazines or from online catalogues. If you are working remotely (via the Internet and email for example), you can simply scan and send these pictures, show them via Skype or send them a link destination.

You should also be able to tell the jeweler what your preferences (requirements) are for:

  • Budget - A good ring designer can help you save money with suggestions for alternative ring metals or stones if necessary.
  • Ring metals - Decide whether you want colored gold or a so-called white metal (white-gold, palladium, platinum).
  • Gemstones - Either give the jeweler precise specifications of the stone or stones you already have and want to use, or the stones you intend to buy (it's usually easier to buy gemstones from the same jeweler, but make sure they are certified stones).

Ring Designs

From your starting point, a good jeweler (and we do stress 'good'), will be able to create a design blueprint for your ring. This will show you the specific dimensions of your ring - including the width of the shank, the height of the settings and the amount of metal required.

Before the ring is made, ensure that you are happy with the design plan. Now is the best and cheapest time to make alterations. Although most rings can be re-sized and settings adjusted when the ring is made, this is more time-consuming and expensive. With some ring metals (such as aircraft-grade titanium and even platinum) adjustments can be rather difficult, if not impossible.

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Custom Engagement Rings
All of the rings below were custom-designed. They are every bit as beautiful, if not more so, than rings bought 'as seen' from an existing collection.

Custom Engagement Rings
Custom Engagement Rings
Custom Engagement Rings
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"Designing your own engagement ring enables you to include personal motifs, emblems or message in the ring design. "

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