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Cheap Engagement Rings

When the thought of how much it costs to buy an engagement ring puts you off proposing, then it's time for a reality check. $1.38 is the average price of a cup of brewed coffee in the USA and most coffee drinkers drink just over 3 cups a day. So one of the cheapest engagement rings available in the online marketplace today - $100 or thereabouts - complete with diamonds - is just 72 cups of coffee or 24 days away. That's less than a month of caffeine withdrawal to cope with - not a bad price to pay for your true love.

On a more serious note, if you are looking for ways to buy an engagement ring on a modest budget, then these tips may help.

Tips for Finding Cheap Engagement Rings

  • Buy Online - It's obvious, but true. Generally speaking you can buy a much better quality ring online as you can for the same price in a physical store. That's because you are not paying the jeweler's overheads such as staff, rent and utilities.
  • Choose Sale Stock - She will never know that you bought your ring in a 'deal' or sale. Let's face it not every ring made can be sold quickly, so ring designers and manufacturers will eventually slash their prices to move stock.
  • Make an Offer - You never know until you ask what you can get for your money. If you find the thought of 'haggling' intimidating, then definitely go online to avoid the 'face-to-face' situation. Make an offer for the ring you like - be realistic, don't expect 90% off the advertised price. Ensure that you are still getting the ring you're expecting to get.
  • Substitutions - If you want to get a ring made for you, consider changing the metal type or gemstone for a cheaper subsitute that looks just as pretty.
  • Use An Existing Ring - If it's good enough for HRH Prince William of Wales and Catherine Middleton, then it's certainly good for you! Use an existing ring in your possession that may (or may not) have belonged to a member of your family. The price of re-sizing and polishing the ring up can be way cheaper than buying a brand-new ring.

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Cheap Engagement Rings
Buy Cheap Engagement Rings Online

"The cheapest engagement rings can be bought online when stock prices get slashed and the most affordable engagement ring is that ring you already own."

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