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Gemstone Carat
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Gemstone Color
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Gemstone Clarity
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Gemstone Cut

Gemstone Cut

Depending on the natural rough gemstone, a stone can be cut into a variety of shapes. Many of the most famous stones in the world have been re-cut as fashions change and new ways of cutting gemstones are introduced which maximise their beauty and appeal. The cut refers to the design of the stone - the arrangement of its facets, its proportions and its finish. Gemstones are often cut in familiar shapes such as: oval, emerald, pear, round, heart-shaped and marquise. But with care, they can be cut into almost any shape. A cut can reveal a stone's optical qualities to its best potential, which depends in turn upon the quality of the workmanship.

Having said that, the cut of a gemstone does not affects its value, however, to quite the same extent as a diamond cut. However, the cut does affect:

  • The depth of the color seen
  • The size (dimensions) of the gemstone
  • The liveliness (beauty and appeal) of the stone

Gemstones with good color can be really enhanced with a good cut, but a poorly cut colored gemstone can appear lifeless and lacking in sparkle. A well-cut colored gemstone will show even color, an acceptable number of inclusions, good brilliance and the majority of carat weight when viewed from the top.

Some of the most popular cuts for gemstones are illustrated below:

Round Brilliant Princess Cut Emerald Cut Marquise Cut Pear Shaped
Radiant Cut Heart Shaped Oval Shaped Asscher Cut Cushion Cut


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