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Antique Style Engagement Rings

Antique engagement rings are considered to be any ring over fifty years old, worn by someone else previous or a ring which is still in its original setting. An antique-style engagement ring is a brand-new ring made to look like ring from a specific period.

An antique engagement ring will particularly suit a woman who has traditional taste and who enjoys the romance of wearing a previously loved ring. Typically antique style rings are intricate, ornate and rather flowery, so they also make a particularly good match for extremely feminine women.

Antique style engagement rings really look their best when worn by women with long fingers as there is plenty of room for a wedding band and the intricacy of the design has plenty of 'space'. Rings are often quite 'long', especially with Victorian style rings as flowers, leaves, tendrils and petals can weave 'along' the finger. However, if your bride-to-be has shorter fingers, there are still plenty of antique styles to choose from.

Pre-Loved (Second Hand) Antique Rings

  • If you are buying a genuinely 'old' antique ring, then there are few things to bear in mind:
  • Buy from a reputable dealer who can sell you certified stones along with their comprehensive service, terms and conditions
  • Check the top and undersides of the ring if possible. (If buying online, you can ask for additional photography or scans to be made) You should check that the underside is a beautiful as the top as this is a good indication of a ring's genuine 'antique' qualities - generally speaking the craftsmanship was of a very high quality
  • Make sure that the stones, the setting and the shank are solid, secure and not worn.
  • Make sure you have a full report and description of the ring.

Antique Engagement Ring Styles

  • Georgian Style (1714 - 1830) Rings made during this period were very romantic, symbolic and sentimental, but are now increasingly hard to find. Elaborate floral and nature based designs were typical and diamonds and gemstones were popular.
  • Victorian Style (1837 - 1900) During this long reign, jewelry fashions varied hugely, but in rings it was common to see designs which included a half-pearl, half-hoop ring, cluster rings (flower heads) and gold rings with strap and buckle designs.
  • Edwardian Style (1901 - 1914) Rings became less ornate and popular gemstones included diamonds, emeralds and rubies - the favorite gemstones of Queen Alexandra, the wife of King Edward.
  • Art Deco Style (1920 - 1935) Rings from this period were made in bright, bold designs and influenced by Egyptian, Asian and Native American cultures.

Antique Engagement Ring

For traditionalists, romantics and historians - an antique ring or antique style ring has an 'ooh' factor that is (arguably) more timeless than than the much hyped 'wow'.

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Antique Engagement Ring
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"Antique style or antique engagement rings suit traditionalists who love the designs of past masters and the romance of historic love. "

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